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How I started painting


My journey into painting began during my time studying philosophy at Rutgers University. Amid the intellectual rigor of philosophical debates and theories, I found myself drawn to the world of visual arts as a different, yet equally profound, means of expressing and exploring ideas. I started experimenting with different mediums and techniques, and it was the versatility and vibrancy of acrylics that truly captivated me.

I remember my first canvas – a whirlwind of colors and shapes, more a testament to my enthusiasm than any technical skill. Yet, it was a start, a tangible manifestation of my creative energy. From there, I embarked on a self-guided exploration of painting, devouring books, attending workshops, and spending countless hours in front of the canvas.


Over time, I developed my unique style, a fusion of abstract and realism, where I strive to capture not just the physical form, but also the essence and spirit of my subjects. Painting became more than a hobby; it became a passion, a way of life, a means of connecting with the world around me and sharing my perspective with others.


Today, I continue to learn, experiment, and grow as an artist. Each painting is a new adventure, a new story waiting to be told. And I am grateful for the opportunity to share these stories with you through my work.

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